Friday, February 24, 2006

T.G.I.F. and Testing

Thank goodness I'm freaky!
I love that. It always makes my daughter roll her eyes. And dancing in the supermarket to the elevator music, that does it too, usually followed by, "Mo-om, that is sooooo embarrassing!" Hee hee hee. The only self-defense again teens driving one nuts is to go nuts in a direction of one's choosing.

It doesn't work as well with state testing, school districts and a complete lack of feasibility studies. My grandfather was an engineer. Two of my uncles are engineers. Both of my older siblings are engineers and my younger sibling is considering going back to school for it. Two of my cousins are engineers. It's fricking genetic. It also means that I grew up with people who always, always looked before they leapt. They probably measured, tested wind direction and velocity, considered the price of leaping verses other options, then, possibly, leapt. All of which is a lead up as to why I am so annoyed by disorganization on a grand scale.

The PAWS test (Proficiency Assessment of Wyoming Students) will be given in April. We have 3 testing subjects, reading, writing, and math. The reading and math have portions which must be taken online. In each, the online portion must be completed before the paper portion can be started. Each subject must be completed before another one can be started. While this does cause some scheduling difficulties, it'smerely annoying, not impossible. However, the online portions use wireless broadband width (and I am not the techno-geek of the family. My big brother would understand, I don't. I apologize if I intepreted the problem incorrectly.). Every time a student hits the "done" button on a problem, it is sent from here to central office to Casper to Cheyenne. We don't have much broadband width here. We have 800 students who need to take two tests online each, and we can only use 60 computers at any given time in the entire district.

Could the state step back and say, "Whoa, sorry. We'll try online next year. It's all paper this time around."? They could. Will they? Not on your life. This boat is gonna float, ladies and gents. If it only floats as well as the Titanic, then so be it.


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