Saturday, June 10, 2006

baby pictures

A long time ago, I posted about waiting, how sick I was of WAITING for agents, for my husband's job prospects and to be pregnent. Well, one outta three isn't too bad, is it?

I've heard from lots of agents--usually the letters include phrases like "not quite right for me". Strike one.

Cerdito the hubby is ont he verge of a better job, though not the one we hoped he would be getting. Strike two.

I am, however, 5 months pregnent. Home run.

We had the ultrasound yesterday. For those of you who have never had one, one of the rquirements is to show up with a full bladder. So, bladder brimming, I was 15 minutes early (I wasnt eager or anything). I checked in and waited. Seems to be a theme in my life. At 2:15, bladder now bursting, I donned the fashionable hospitale gown and let the technician gel my tummy. they warm the gel, which is a nice touch.

The ultrasound doesn't hurt, but it's about as uncomfortable as one can get wihout pain. The technician has to get certain shots of the internal organs to check the baby's progress and health--these are more important to the technician than checking the gender. Silly technician, we wanted to know whether to paint the nursery blue and green or pink and yellow. So anyway, the technician sometimes had to really dig in to get the right angle. It didn't help that I am apparently pregnent with an acrobat. Baby was all over the place and had no intention of staying still for even a moment. I have a brusied belly today. Ouch!

The good news? Baby is in perfect health, is at exactly the right level of development and everything thing is fine with him/her.

The bad news? There's a flaw in the packaging. Namely, an unidentified tumor on my cervix.

So it's back to waiting.


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